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“My Take on the AMVCAs” -Oversabi


The 2nd Edition of the AMVCA took place on the 8th of March 2014 and I have a few observations. I am not a critic so I will not be ‘criti-kin’ the event.

I sha have some observations.

It was an impressive show. I was proud of it because there was an obvious step up from its debut. Even though there were sound glitches, it was a well-put together event.

It does feel however that perhaps, there are not enough people working behind the scenes. I mean, to send presenters to announce the Yoruba category and roll out the Hausa nominees is just… unacceptable. I wonder if it is the same person who worked on it last year when Gideon and Omoni Oboli were also faced with the same dilemma. Abeg, hire more people, or better skilled people.


That said, I thought the event was very dry. I don’t think it is a herculean task to infuse some humor into an event. It is very easy to make an event memorable by creating little memories through out. It doesn’t have to be big stuff, but things people will remember.

The opening needs to be taken a little more seriously please. You can’t have three people yapping for minutes on end, saying nothing funny or intelligent. The opening sets the mood for the entire evening and this one was doomed for dryness as it began. IK definitely saved the night and for most of the night, I found myself wishing he was hosting alone.


The entertainment this year was definitely better and Waje absolutely killed it! I do think however that she should stop speaking in the middle of powerful ballads; it took away from the performance. If it were a playful song, that probably would have been all right.


Also, I seriously think that the writers need to change. There were no dialogues to keep us hooked. Almost every joke fell flat and was almost painful to watch. The script is one of the most important elements of the evening and it should be worked on months before the event. It felt like there was… no script actually.

And ah! What was the use of that huge beautiful massive screen at the back? Was it just for decoration and announcing nominees? Chai! What a waste! They could have done so much more than flashing lines and colours with it. (Contact me for ideas)

Screen AMVCA

Finally, I think that it is massively important that the AMVCA honours ‘the fallen’ every year. There was no mention of people who worked in the film industry who had passed away. This also happened last year and the event took place not long after Justus Esiri had passed on. That’s just wrong.

Okay, I’m done.

But P.S.

AMVCA and all other movie awards platform should consider the original song category. I think it will help producers put a little more thought into their soundtracks.

Oh, and when there is more that one winner in a category, can you please provide every person with his own award? How do you want three people to share one statue? Do you want to cause fight?

Me I’ve said my own o


By Oversabi

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