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6 Days of Christmas as SARO THE MUSICAL Returns for a Second Run


The city of Lagos was abuzz last December with the debut of Saro The Musical. The Bolanle Austen-Peters Production returns this Christmas, and will deliver 11 outstanding performances in 6 days, all taking place at the prestigious Shell Hall, Muson Center, Lagos from the 23rd of December, 2014. This year’s show will be delivering an even bigger showcase of dazzling performances in lovely and colorful costumes, enigmatic and well-choreographed dance steps, and an exquisite fusion of jazz, afro-beat, hip-hop, highlife, juju, apala, and such other contemporary Nigerian music genres.

Boasting a 100-man cast performing on a one-of-its-kind custom-built stage, Saro traces and pays homage to Nigeria’s rich musical history by beautifully rendering some our greatest hits over the years, while also delivers its own ingeniously composed original music. Masterfully combining this with the impeccably choreographed dance routines and unforgettably charged performances delivered by a talented and attractive cast, Saro is a theatrical joy that gallops swiftly through its fourteen acts to tell the story of Lagos settlers; immigrants who come from all over the country and indeed the world, to create a new and hopefully successful life in this bustling and exciting melting-pot.

Show Schedule
23rd – one show – 6pm
24th – two shows – 3pm and 6pm
25th –  one show – 6pm
26th – two shows – 3pm and 6pm
27th – two shows – 3pm and 6pm
28th – three shows – 1, 4 and 7pm


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