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It’s Something Else, a heart touching ending

Drug addict, Alcoholic, Obsessive disorder, an accident scene and a dead body. Who killed her?

Dr. Rob and Catherine who is an attorney are finding ways of getting a new client- Hassan off the hook for the death of his wife after they had a heated argument and she dashed out of the house only to be found in a car crash, dead.

Hassan who thinks he is an occasional drinker and not temperamental found it difficult to remember the exact details to the incident that led to the death of his wife because he was too intoxicated with alcohol and anger.

Then came Uche- the young and energetic musician who is struggling with lack of sleep and body reaction to the drugs he had been taking for days to suppress his tension and anxiety pleading for sleeping pills from Dr. Rob.

Catherine who was supposed to get married to Hassan but got ditched her on the wedding day, was still hurting and aggrieved by the incident. Even though she was still obsessed with Hassan, she still did not want him to go to jail considering all the proof against him found by the police.

But then, after so many back and forth heated arguments, admittance to addiction, confessions and forgiveness, a killer needed to be found or else Hassan would be thrown in jail. Uche who lost his memory due to the drugs he took found in his pocket the wedding ring that belongs to Hassan’s wife.

Its Something Else is an amazing stage play inspired by true life happenings, directed by Michelle Dede with Omoye Uzamere, Buchi Franklin, Toju Ejoh and Austine Onuoha as cast. The play was produced by Gbayichild Entertainment in collaboration with Paroche Foundation.

See photos from the play below:

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Photo credit: Black Photos
Written by Namang Banah

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