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Keep Calm! Taruwa is 8!



Over the past 8 years, Taruwa has been home to a lot of Nigerian and International performing artistes.

TARUWA (a Hausa word meaning ‘gathering’), is an event created by Gbagyichild Entertainment. It is a gathering of artistic and intellectual minds, which creates a platform for artistes to express themselves in a comfortable and intellectual setting. On a typical TARUWA evening, we have poets, vocalists, instrumentalists, and spoken word artistes, performing. It is always a rich artistic cocktail.


TARUWA also affords up- coming artistes and members of the public who do not have the opportunity of art expressions at work, an opportunity to express themselves as the program is a forum for expression. It is an event where a banker for example can attend, take off his suit, pick up a guitar and relax.

She blows her heart out

Now in its eight year, Taruwa has evolved from being a bi-weekly gathering to a monthly performing arts event, to a magazine, to a yearly performing arts festival and to an online magazine and has staged over a hundred and twenty shows.

Ade Laoye, from Broadway to the Taruwa Festival Stage

Taruwa holds on the last Tuesday of every month at Bogobiri House which is on No 9, Maitama Sule, Off Awolowo Road in Okoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

cross section of audience enjoying the performances

On Tuesday, the 25th of August 2015, Taruwa will celebrate 8 years of amazingness!

Taruwa is usually free but once a year, on our anniversary event, theres a gate fee of  N2,000 only.



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