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What’s Christmas without Good Food? CHEF FREGZ Sorts That Out for Us


It’s that time of year when you love, eat and eat some more! Chef Fregs Speaks…

“This Christmas… I wanted to share some of the meals that I personally enjoy eating and me re living some food tour experiences I had earlier this year in my travels.

Herbs play a crucial role in my cooking. so my favourite herb Rosemary is making a feature. My love for Port wine is also expressed here and its a really christmassy flavour as well. That festive sweetness with a tang of booze and almost mulled wine taste. Vodka is festive all year round but this time Im celebrating my food-gasm I experienced at Pappadeaux in Houston Im doni gym take on their vodka Scallop pasta dish. I die a lot when I make it. My Pea Puree is a always a winner and pork chops are being sourced locally and I wanted to champion such great produce.

For sweet… what beats cinnamon? A carrot cake is always solid but this cake has a few tricks up its sleeve….then my most chritsmassy thing in the world… Speculoos! I though i eat it all year round but Christmas has a special eating place! This cheesecake is my new addiction and passion. The creaminess of the cake against the cinnamon caramel base with a salted caramel butter and dollops of tart raspberry coulis talk about Joy to the world!

Best dressed i promised would get a free meal on me! My friend Zina would be there to pick the winner!

Im working on a few brands to come and do some giveaways that day…. be praying!


Its happening  at GET Arena in Oniru by Four Points Hotel. Starts at Noon (ish) See you there and don’t wait to be told about it!!!


Merry Christmas in Advance people!!! God keep us till the new year!

Here’s the menu….

A Very Fregz Christmas Special


Rosemary Orange Glazed Chicken. Herb Roast Potatoes. Sauteed Vegetables. Mulled Port Jus.


Girlie O

Seared Pork Chops. Black Pepper Roasted Carrots. English Pea Puree. Plum Port Cream Sauce. Mushrooms and Kale.



Short Pasta. Confit Garlic Vodka Cream Sauce. Prawns Shrimps. Herbs and. Fennel. Rocket Puree


All I Want For Christmas Is You

Salted Speculoos Cheesecake. Vanilla Cream. Red Fruit Coulis.


Carrot Carol

Warm Carrot Cake. Cold Cheesecake Frosting Cream. Lemon Syrup.


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